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Can anyone help me regain access to my blog admin as I can't get to my dashboar?

  1. I can not access my dashboard

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your dashboard should be at . If you still can't access it please let us know what error message you get when going to the link.

  3. Improvement, but when I go to MyBlogs, each button will only take me to my "good" site (which is good), not my dashboard that I need so badly to post & admin.

  4. Could you have created the other blog with a different login?

  5. tandava108: I have two blogs, but only one that is the main blog that I am using. It is the one that I am now ready to paste Adsense code into and I am at my wits end over this. My main blog has 4 pages and 3 posts. Both have the same name. I can go to the dashboard on my old one, but can not on the "good" one. Is there a restore to WordPress to get me back to an earlier time. I tried doing it to my computer, but did not resolve my problem with this.

  6. I see that you have two blogs: The new blog a self-hosted site.

    Are these the two blogs you are talking about? If you want support for the site then you will need to ask at the forums at because these forums are for users of the hosted blogs only.

  7. I didn't know I had a self-hosted site, but it looks as though that is the site that is showing a dashboard and the other is the one that is not. I can not merge the two because I do not have a dashboard to export files from. I think I was trying to get rid of the old one and screwed up the good site by accident.

  8. Is the one you can't get to the dashboard on ? If so I am afraid you will have to ask at the support forums. Ways to recover account information are very different on ,org and .com

  9. I do not have anything on .org. They are both on .com. Both are really the same thing just the older one hasn't got much of anything in it. By the way, I tried to sign in at .org just to see what would happen. They don't even know me over there.

  10. The domain whois for shows the domain being registered to Domain Discreet Privacy Service. The nameservers are, which means it is definitely a .org site.

    You can actually see a link at the bottom of that says "powered by wordpress" and links to

    Did someone else set this site up for you? It sounds like you should have a site for what you want because adsense is not allowed on blogs.

  11. I registered my domain at, to host the site and WordPress for all the rest. I don't understand why I'm not signed up at I am into my FTP at HostGator. Can I find the "bad" action and reverse it there? In the meantime I will go back to .org and try to get in even to the point of signing up.

  12. For support at you need to register. is not liek where everyone is registered on one site - people run their own separate instances so you need to register for the support site separately. After your previous answer I am sure that you need to register with and use the .org support forums.

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