Can anyone HELP? Why is my blog not working?

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    What has gone wrong with my blog? I can’t publish anything, can’t access my stats, the add media button doesn’t work, most of the buttons from the writing section have totally disappeared – like bold/italic/colour/alignment etc. On my dashboard, one of the sidebar widgets is permanently out from the sidebar, obscuring anything beneath it. Nothing is working!!! PLEASE…. can anyone help, am desperate.

    The blog I need help with is



    Sounds to me like what you have is a browser problem. What browser and version are you using? And which widget is out of alignment?

    Try logging out, clear browser cache and cookies, and restart your computer from scratch.


    Many thanks raincoaster, unfortunately I already tried that. You’re right about the browser, the troubles started when a red warning sign came up saying I was using an insecure version of Internet Explorer, which I knew I wasn’t. Even so, I followed the instructions and updated to the very latest Internet Explorer 10 version for my windows 7 and rebooted my computer three times. Each time, nothing had changed, in case I’d done anything wrong, I tried updating the very newest browser again to be told by my computer that I already had the latest version. So I’m really at a loss of what to do next.

    I’ll try your advice though, so how do I clear my browser cache and cookies then?

    The widget on my dashboard that’s out of alignment is the first one that says ‘Home/Comments/Site Stats/Akismet Stats’ etc.

    Thank you again. Is there anything more you could suggest? Is wordpress able to fix it?



    Please guys, I’ve been trying to fix this for a week now and it’s still not working. I need some help!


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    Hi sophieetallis, sorry to hear you’re having problems. Two things to try:

    a) clear your cache and cookies from your current browser.

    b) have you tried accessing your admin area through another browser? Use one from this list:

    Let us know if that clears it up!


    Thank you for your help, but unfortunately it’s not worked. :(

    I’ve deleted all cache and cookies following the instructions and internet browsing history, I’ve updated to the latest Internet Explorer 10 version and the latest version of Google Chrome, I’ve restarted and turned off the computer a thousand times. Nothing is working. The blog seems critically damaged somehow and I don’t understand why. It just stopped working last week out of the blue!

    Anymore suggestions? Could a technician get into my blog to fix it? Any help appreciated guys, am having to face the prospect of closing it and my 15,000 visitors. :(



    The only actual problem I see on your blog is that it takes too long to load, in part because your header image is enormous. I recommend optimizing that image for the web (72dpi, no wider than the actual space of your header) and re-uploading it.

    You might as well go through our normal HTML error steps: Go to Settings->Writing, make sure “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML” is selected and saved. If that was NOT selected before, go to the Bulk Editor on the Posts page, select all, set to Private, then set to Public again. Go to the previous 20 Posts and do the same. It doesn’t hurt to do this all the way back.

    Then go to each of your text widgets and edit it in some way. Take a period out, put it back in, save.


    Thank you for trying. I’ll try those steps tomorrow, though I’m really not techy at all. But no, I still can’t access my stats, still can’t publish, the writing buttons are still missing, on my dashboard the widget in my sidebar is still stuck out, all the problems still there. I just don’t understand why or how this happened. I’ve been blogging for nearly two years, have 130 something posts and suddenly the blog went down last week for no reason. But thanks, I’ll try those things, just wish there was a magic wand to sort it out. :(



    The one thing I know is that you don’t have to understand instructions to execute them. I’ve been here seven years and only vaguely know what the above instructions do, but I know they work. Just take it one step at a time.


    Okay, I’ll give it a try tomorrow and let you guys know if it works. Cheers.


    I GIVE UP!!!!!! :(

    I’ve tried following the instructions and nothing has worked! I’m not technical at all, which is why I was asking for help. I’ve wasted the whole day, as I did yesterday and every day since last week, fiddling on my blog and trying to fix it. I have been trying to follow the instructions with no luck. I couldn’t get my header smaller, not that I think that could be the cause of all the problems. I’ve been blogging regularly since January 2012 with that header. All my problems started last week out of the blue.

    I went to Settings>Writing and yes that button was already selected. I couldn’t find anything that said ‘Bulk Editor’ but I managed to select all my posts, but then there was no button I could see to make them Private then Public again, I only had the option to delete them/put them in trash. And I didn’t understand the instructions about going back previous 20 posts and doing the same. Doing what?

    I am totally lost and very upset and frustrated that my beloved blog is completely ruined and no-one seems to be able to tell me why or fix it.

    Are there no engineers that could help me PLEASE??!!!!!


    Hi Sophie, since you still can’t see parts of your admin area and you’ve tried a few browsers, I’ve tagged this so staff can take a look from their side. So sorry to hear you’ve been having a frustrating time.



    I’m sorry to hear you’re having so many issues with your site.

    It sounds like you are having the exact same issues running IE 10 and Chrome? Are there any differences at all?

    Which Internet Service Provider are you using? By any chance is it Talk Talk or AOL?

    Have you tried logging into your account from a different computer or from a different location to see if that changes anything for you?

    For IE, please check to see if you’re running compatibility mode, and if so, you should disable it:

    Make sure that you have both third-party cookies enabled:

    Try enabling HTTPS:

    For IE, add both * and * to your list of trusted sites under the Security tab. Make sure to uncheck the box for “Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone.”

    Please let me know if anything helps or if your site is still not working properly.



    I’ve almost been in tears over all this, as I thought I’d have to close my blog down, after all the hard work I’ve put into it and YOU have fixed it!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    It was the first suggestion you said, something wrong with the compatibility of my Internet Explorer 10 and WordPress. I have BT Broadband, a Windows 7 Core I5 HP laptop which is only a year old and I use the latest version of Google Chrome and IE 10. Sigh…

    When I clicked on your link about the Compatibility it showed me what the symbol looks like, and sure enough it was in the address bar of my blog. So I clicked it to turn it off as you suggested and magically that did it!!!! I can now edit posts, access stats, my widgets are back in their proper places, I can publish, the writing buttons have reappeared and I’m guessing that my Add Media will work as well.

    Oh, I really can’t thank you enough, Jackie. MASSIVE hugs to you! :D xx


    Oh and a big thank you to Lettergrade too for tagging this to let the staff know and let lovely Jackie come and sort it all out.

    VERY happy girl now! :D



    I’m so glad you were able to get it working! :)


    Thanks to YOU, thank you Jackie, I am a very happy bunny now! :D
    Cheers, Soph x

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