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Can Anyone identify wat "widget" they use on this site?

  1. Check out this cool wordpress blog i found...... It has an amazing image viewer thing on it I would like on my site and was woundering if it was a public widget?

    I have pasted a link to a post on the site.. simply click the image to see them larger.

    Anyone know wat mod that is?

  2. am i blind? i'm not seeing a link there...what site is it? :)

  3. woo hoo ! I can't see a link here either {where's my crystal ball ... lol}

  4. I might be wrong, but this looks like some kind of weird spam :S

  5. I was thinking the same as well but I didn't get any hits for the phrases within the post.

    Guess we'll have have to wait for the poster to grace us with their next post to find out more.

  6. geebus!!! I am sorry guys... I was the fool that did not post the link :*)

    sorry again... i hope you guys come back and recheck this thread :)

  7. The blog you provided the link to is not a blog. Regardless of what widgets it may have, we run on different software than software. It will not work on this wp-MU multi-user blogging platform, unless specifically adapted to do so. Anyway, you can probably find out what it is by posting to

  8. That's WordPress software, but not hosted here. Here at we can't use Flash on our blog, which is what that blog appears to be using. I agree it's cool, but it won't work here, ever. We have much more restrictive security requirements.

    You can post images with a link to the full-size file, but it will just pop up in the window, not make a cool transition like that.

  9. Thanks guys that clears it up.... I'll try thanks again..

  10. You're welcome.

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