Can Archive page be sorted into sections?

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    Ok, I’ve checked out older forum posts and found out how to add an additional page to my blog with a list of all my archive posts.

    Yes it is more helpful than having nothing at all, but it still looks nothing like my dream index/Archive page.

    When I blog, I jump around a lot, I document different trips to the same country, I blog about my home city and a variety of other subjects in-between so nothing is in chronological order.

    Yes I have tags and Categories, but rather than have a reader look up “New Zealand” and get more than 200 posts I’d like an Archive page where I could add New Zealand, and then sort into subsections.

    What would be cool, and an massive advantage over just making subgroups in my Category section would be if I could display a thumbnail of the lead photo and the title of that particular blog post so that people could skim down an archive page and quickly click on a post /photo that takes their interest …

    …(as opposed to scrolling endlessly down pages and pages of full posts from a Category subsection to hit on a post that takes their fancy… I am a daily blogger with over 1000 posts so even the subsections of some of my Categories could be rather long!)

    I can’t find anything in the Archive section of the forum posts that would allow me to do this… so my question is this:

    Have I missed something that already exists or should I be asking that this be added to a WordPress Wish List please?

    Many Thanks! Kiwi :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Can Archive page be sorted into sections?

    No I’m sorry but they can’t be.

    Create a Site Index > If you would like to create a site index, you can follow these steps:



    P.S. A site index will not automatically update. You’ll have to redo the entire process every time you add a new category to any post, or you’ll have to learn how to edit the page yourself to add the category and the link.

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