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Can Blogs in Same Account Have Different Gravatars?

  1. I apologize if this is one of those "duh" questions. I've spent 30 minutes perusing support and the forums without finding the answer to this exact question.

    We currently have four blogs that fall within the same account. We have not started posting on them.

    Can each blog have its own gravatar, nickname, and email address, or do we have to create separate accounts for each blog in order to do that?

    Thank you very much for your help!

  2. Yes...each blog can have its own blavatar. Here are some directions:

  3. If you mean can you post on each blog using a separate gravatar and nickname, the answer is no. You would need a separate user name for each one (which means a separate email address for each user name).

  4. Thank you very much, both of you, for your replies. I've just now had the chance to read them. My question was, indeed, about posting, so I understand that we'll need new blogs in each case.

    Thanks very much for your help!

  5. No, not new blogs, new user names with new email addresses. There are instructions in the FAQ on how to do this but basically you create a new user name with a new email address and make that user an administrator on the blog. Then, with staff intervention, you have the old user name removed as an administrator.

  6. Yes, that's my case. When I created my first blog with Quiltedy as nickname and put a picture on my profile, all was good. But then I created two new blogs, and I intended to appear as Cicalmo, but all of them look like Quiltedy when I post new entrances. I want to be the administrator of the three of them, but each one with its own gravatar, is it possible? Is just a modifying profile matter?

  7. Sorry, I meant Avatar.

  8. Please take a look at the FAQ on this. Gravatars are assigned by EMAIL address, not blog address. And in order to have 3 separate gravatars, you will need 3 separate wordpress.COM accounts, each with a different email address.

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