Can Bueno support posting to multiple pages?

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    I’m trying to figure out how to post to two separate pages on my site: blog, and recent work.

    I’ve read a lot about custom menus, but Bueno says it only supports one menu in the main nav. True? Any workaraounds?

    Also, I’ve read something about categories as header nav items.

    Just wondering if that theme will allow me to have two “pages” with two separate streams of content.

    The blog I need help with is


    One menu means one set of tabs, not one tab. (Your current “About – Contact – Recent Work – Blog” is your top nav menu; each one of these is a menu item.)

    a) You file each one of your posts under the right post category: either “Blog” or “Recent work”.
    b) Then, in Appearance>Menus:
    create a menu, give it a name (say “My top menu”);
    click View All in the Pages module, check “Home”, click Add to Menu;
    check “Blog” and “Recent work” in the Categories module, click Add to Menu;
    click Save Menu, select that menu from the Theme Locations pulldown, click Save.

    See here too:



    Thanks for that-

    But now, the only header tab is About. Is there a way to make each of those four menu items display?


    The way to make all those four menu items display is exactly what I wrote in my previous reply. If you only get About, then you missed some step or steps.



    Ah, thank you- I think it was a caching issue.

    So- is the way to make different posts show up in either “recent work” or “blog” to tag them appropriately? I’m currently seeing one post tagged with the “recent work” category that’s displaying in blog.



    Nevermind- got it sorted. Thank you very much for your help!!


    You’re welcome.

    Couple of additional remarks:
    a) In the post you’re referring to, you’ve added “recent work” as both a tag and a category. As far as the organization of the blog is concerned, categories should be the main sub-groups of your posts while tags (optional) should be characteristic keywords associated with the content of a particular post. As far as search engines are concerned, tags and categories are exactly the same thing. So there’s no point having the same word or phrase as both a category and a tag, plus you may run into technical problems when you do that.
    b) Posting your actual e-mail address is a gift to spam bots. Better use the WP contact form:



    I have to tag posts with “recent work” so that they show up in the Featured Posts widget— it selects which content to pull in based on tags.

    Thank you! I added the contact form. I appreciate your help.



    Hello there,
    I’m with Panos on this and my advice is the same I would not use the same phrase as both a Category and a tag for the reasons he shared.



    Okay, thanks for the advice: I’ve changed the name of that tag.


    Do either of you know if I can limit the amount of Featured posts that display?



    If you don’t select anything then the Featured Posts widget will display your latest five posts. If you select a Tag, the widget will display the latest five posts tagged with that tag. The number ie. 5 cannot be changed.

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