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Can child pages automatically link from parents?

  1. Ok let's say you have a parent page with many child pages below. Instead of adding your child page to your custom menu or letting your pages list get too long, is there a way to force any new child page to generate a link as a post on to the parent page?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Some themes have this built in, but the only other way to do it is:
    A.) include the link by adding it to the Parent page
    B.) create a custom menu to use in the Custom Menu widget for your sidebar, not the navbar.

    See here:

  3. Hi, I have already tested the custom menu widget on the side bar but did not like it because this always shows as a list. If the parent page was collapsed until clicked on that would be great.

    Now as far as the wpbtips page goes, thank you for that. This gives me a better idea about themes. I may convert to a different theme that does automatically generate the child links on the parent or in the menu.

    Changing to a theme like that will make my time here easier as the persons we plan to contribute to our blog will most likely be people who have never tried to do much on the internet except for email and general use.

    Our blog is intended to be a community project to entice our residents to stay active and get creative.

  4. Your answer begs a question.

    Will the residents be authors on the blog? If so, their posts will be included on the one dynamic page (front page/blog) we each receive with our site. It is possible to set up a Custom menu to showcase each of those authors' posts on a separate page or via an Authors Widget.

    See here:

  5. Hi justjennifer;

    I saw the authors widget if I use the dynamic page that would be an option.

    Not sure exactly how I plan to implement the structure yet, I have time to get it setup so as to make it easy, as we are approaching our slow season and I plan to start taking submissions in the fall. The big thing is during my busy time of the year I can not spend a lot of time here, (I also work for a tax company) so I want to make this as easy as possible and not have to spend too much time helping the contributors.

    Any tips would be great.

    I think would really rather have the site mostly static pages with links to each page. If I set up users as authors can they create pages or just post to the dynamic page?

    If the dynamic page is all they can post to my thinking is they can create their articles in Word format and create their own credit on the article. Then I can simply paste it into a new page. This is why I am considering a theme that will automatically create links to the child page from the parent. It would keep me from generating a custom menu link each time. Not that it is hard to do that but when busy I may forget,

    I do have the pages widget turned on but the parent pages can not be collapsed and this widget may get very long.

    One thing I have tried so far and seems to work for my rss is to set my main page to a static page. Then I created a new dynamic pages as per the help video. Then when I create a new page I create a post announcing it with a link to it. This updates my rss feed. I also created a menu link to the page that I called Article list. Visitors can then go to this page and scroll through all of the posts.

    Not sure if you looked at what I have so far, I like the look but it does not support automatic lists of the child pages on the parent page.

    Being new at this I am not sure the right way to go. I just thought this would be the most simply way to get everyone who wants to involved.

    Not sure you looked at the setup but I understand you can see it from this post, I have not tested that yet.

    I hope this makes sense to you what I am trying to accomplish.

    Anyway if you can think of other things that would help I welcome your imput.

    Please note Tax season officially ends Monday and I will be very busy for a few weeks doing end of season work, so if I don't reply after tonight it is just because time will not allow.

    Thanks for all of your help so far and I will work on this till I get it the way I want, Only been at it a few days.

  6. The set up you are proposing really does have you doing a lot of extra work that you could avoid if you have your authors post to the dynamic blog page rather than using static Parent Pages and their subpages. But I'll wait for some of the other forum volunteers to weigh in on the subject.

    Also, once you have some free time, I would heartily suggest heading over to and get familiar with the Support docs.

  7. Ok thanks,

    Will see if anyone has any other ideas. If not I will see about doing the posts instead of pages.

  8. Hi,

    I would like to bend your ear, pick your brain and tax your fingers hopefully one last time if you don't mind.

    The way I post is not my concern posts/pages. just want it to be easy for the group and visitors.

    Being a person that makes websites (new to blogging), I generally expect visitors to be able to find everything from the main menu so the can get the information they need for the business. Such as I want them to find what they are looking for easily rather than get frustrated and go to someone elses business.

    I guess blogging is different. I am thinking like a website developer.

    So I am thinking about going the route of most blogs and use posts instead of pages, only creating one static page that will be the about page and possibly another static page or to as I go.

    So for me to change my thoughts I would like to answer a few questions.

    1. If using posts rather than pages, there really is not a way make a full list of all of the posts that are made from what I can tell. Am I missing something here?

    2. Based on the above question, without a menu structure for the posts other than using the author widget, categories and or key words how does a visitor get to see a list of post headings in a single page list without scrolling through the dynamic page itself?

    3. When searching in the blog, or say google, do the search engines look at the titles as well as keywords and categories?

    4. Since I want to keep control of what is posted and what is not to make sure our guests are not posting things that are relevant, if I use posts instead of pages and let them create them do they automatically get listed as the author if they are only allowed contributor status?

    I hope the answers to the above questions are what I am hoping for. If I can simply set this as a blog I will be much happier as I will only have to invite the contributor in and then approve their articles.

    One last thing, I know posts are automatically set for comments. Would you suggest that the comments stay on or removed on the posts?

    That's it looking forward to the answers so I can decide if I want the hassle of pages or just use the posts.

  9. I think Posts will work a lot better than the Page thing you are thinking about - your Page thing leaves me a bit confused as to why all the work - you can sort the Posts using categories and sub categories - Posts also will let you have the fresh content on the front page of your blog - making people hunt for new information sucks and I tend not to go back to those sites unless it is the last only place on the internet that has what I need.

    Depending on how many people contribute you can make them Contributors and then they can write a Post but you must approve it and then once it is approved I don't think they can change it so things are fairly secure.

    Look at Posts - you are trying to make your blog a lot of work that does not need to be done.

    Also be real careful about pasting in from Word - I suggest your paste it in as Plain Text or you will be sorry (unexpected formatting etc)

    There are some off line editors such as Windows Live Writer that let you write your Page or Post on your PC then upload it (or Eckto (sp?) if you are on a Mac)

  10. Hi auxclass,

    I want to thank both you and justjennifer for your help here. I read a lot of the articles that justjennifer guided me to and found a lot of interesting things.

    First since this is loosely related to the business site I think I am going to have to restrict the posts to our employees that ask if they can post something and the owners.

    I decided that having too many people request to contribute would cause more work than I would have time for, especially since it is important to make sure all material is original and not copied.

    Think I will revert back to dynamic and redo my pages as posts, good to get this worked out early.

    Just one last question to determine if I want to keep up with this or not. When doing a blog what is the expected rate that one should make posts. Should it be regular or is it ok to just make posts as you have ideas?

    Thanks to both of you and hope I can now call this resolved.

    Please pardon any errors as the spell checker is on the blink.

  11. Probably from a search engine point of view or regular visitors new content regular like is probably best - but it all depends on what you want the site for, if you want your site as an end destination for people.

    I guess my advice to start with is to put some good information on the site to start and worry less about the timing than getting some good content up for people to use.

    Go over to timethiefs site and she has many tips on how to build your site to attract visitors.

  12. Ok then great,

    I will close this thread and get to work.
    I mostly have it reset but a few things left to do.
    One issue though. My AC just burned out and it is hot.

    Thanks for all of your help.

  13. You be welcome & good luck

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