Can CodeHighlighter be used in here?

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    Hi all. I was looking for some highlighter for Actionscript and I couldn’t find one in here so I made a research and came up with CodeHighlighter (, a plugin that can be used with custom blogs created on other servers with files that can be downloaded in Anyway I read that it needs modification of css and I was wondering if it is possible to use it in case I purchase the Custom CSS upgrade. Does anybody have an idea?

    Thanks in advance.



    Plugins cannot be used on blogs at WordPress.,com. I think you want to be over at



    Purchasing the CSS upgrade does not give you a way to use plugins here at Sorry.



    Have you tried using the code highlighter that’s already installed here?

    You can post some requests to WP staff to add actionscript, if it’s not one of the languages. As long as you can find the language/library file for that already installed extension (a link to the Google Code project is on that blog post).

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