Can Comments be shown on Twenty Ten theme blog

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    I would like the comments to be visible on the front page directly after the post. Instead of clicking on Comments to see them. Is there a way I can make comments visible?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. That’s the way nearly all themes work, otherwise the home page would be cluttered with comments (and take forever to load).

    To my knowledge, only the P2 theme displays comments on the front page.


    That is not possible except with the P2 theme, which is designed for collaborations.

    If a site gets a lot of comments, then anyone visiting the main page would have to scroll forever to get to the next post. Several sites I follow routinely get hundreds of comments on each post, and even with only ten or twenty, scrolling past them would be a pain.


    G’day Airodyssey! I was too slow.



    Howdy TSP!


    Thanks for the info, I was wondering the same thing but I get it and I’m glad I know the reasons for it. :)

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