Can domain mapping help with paid content?

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    I have been reading the FAQs and forum topics on domain mapping and, but I’m still very confused, so I decided to ask my questions here since support is closed now. I’m planning to move my blog to something else so I can accept paid content.

    1) I assume domain mapping won’t help because it’s still considered as (because it’s redirected to even though I have my own domain name?

    2) I read from various places that I probably need to get a hosting service and get my own blog up. I called and requested for live chats for all the recommended hosting services by WordPress, but I was waiting for a ridiculously long time and still no agents were available. Does anybody know of a good hosting service that has knowledge of transferring content to a new server and domain? I’m not good with all these, and I need a server company that can do all the transfer and setup for me.

    3) Also, can somebody tell me some simple steps on how to go about doing this? I read different sources, but I am just more confused after reading! Can somebody enlighten me please? Thanks a bunch!


    There is a service that I understand it is run by experienced wordpress users that will install and set up your blog on your chosen webhost for free. It’s at: . This may be the best way since they will tell you exactly what they need from you so that the installation goes well and you don’t have any problems.

    This WordPress FAQ gives some information, but it is a little light on details.

    The PDF that you can download from this site has a lot more information in it and is well written and covers just about everything.

    Most webhosts listed at have “one button installs” which make things easier, but you will still have to do a little “tweaking” in the files and import you blog posts, pages, categories and tags (all one operation). You also have to import your links separately when you get your new blog up and running at blogroll > import.



    sacredpath, thanks for the info. I read that. It’s a bit scary to trust someone you don’t know with all the password info even though they said they erase it after that. I have to chew on that one.

    When I export my content out and import into a new web server, will the look of my blog be retained or I have to start all over again? Also does it mean that I will only get the content and the the current format I have on my blog?


    You’re welcome.

    Even if you do it yourself, the wordpress “5-minute install” instructions are all you need, and I’m certain that most, if not all of the hosts listed on .org’s site have “one-button installs” for people using their service. There will be some ftp that will be required once you get the wordpress install done (uploading plugins and themes), and then you have to import your stuff, but it really isn’t that difficult.



    sacredpath, thanks. i’ll look into that and get some courage to try it!



    I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just paid Blue Host so I can transfer hosting. I spoke with Live Chat before I paid. I repeated and made sure that my blog will look exactly the same after I migrate. They promised yes…you know what, it’s not!!!

    I lost all my google video links and template/sidebars/design. I called them and the agent couldn’t help me with it. I’m frustrated!!!!!!!!

    Can anyone help? Does anyone know how to transfer/migrate the exact things from wordpress to my own hosting? Why doesn’t the google video links and template migrated too? I’m doing to cancel the Blue Host service if all these don’t work.



    Your template doesn’t follow you. When you’re self-hosted you need to upload it and then apply it. Beyond that, BlueHost or is your best bet for help.



    ellaella, I realized so AFTER I paid…that’s not what the support told me. Well, I’m not a web person, so it’s getting tedious.

    just didn’t think it would be so much work considering those partners boast “auto installer” etc.

    also, google video links still didn’t work. support there didn’t help me. i already called three times and also submitted a ticket.


    With a self-hosted blog, video links are done differently than here at .com. You need to insert the “embed code” into the post. I had to do that when I went self-hosted.


    angiepalmer, have you started a thread about this over at the other forum? They might have some advice also…



    sacredpath, so are you saying that I need to go to each individual post and embed code? If that’s the case, then that’s a lot of work because I have many videos. :(

    universal, no, this is my first thread about this…as far as I can remember.

    does anybody know of any other good blog sites or hosting companies that are more user-friendly to those technically challenged?



    You will have to change EACH of those embeds yourself, or hire someone to do it for you. These are the kinds of hassles to self-hosting that make people prefer solutions like

    If you’re seriously technically challenged, you can use Tumblr, but while it is fast and easy to use, it’s not really very flexible or professional in my opinion, nor does it lend itself to income-generation well.



    raincoaster, it is a hassle, you are right. It’s a good experience…now I’m learning more about self-hosting vs free blogs. I haven’t heard of Tumblr, but I’ll check it out.

    As far as the income-generation part, I never thought about it until someone asked me if I would be interested a while ago. When I started wordpress, I thought it looked professional and didn’t bother much else with their terms. I only wanted to write and keep a record of what I’ve done here in Alamogordo and New Mexico since we’ll only be here for a few years, especially the TV/web reporting part and military events. If it’s that much trouble, I’d rather not think about the income-generation part such as receiving ads and google adsense.

    I’m happy to just keep it as it is, so it’s part of my own record and journal. I’ll probably use my own website to negotiate with the party who contacted me regarding promotion and ads.

    Thanks again for everyone’s help here.

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