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Can .entry-meta be closer to post title?

  1. Is it possible to have that info under post title?

  2. edit: sorry, misunderstood your question :)

  3. Judy: I didn't understand it in the first place!

    Onkulis: Can you re-phrase your question with a little more information?

    What does .entry-meta do?


  4. entry-meta is the div that sits around the "Who wrote this, what categories this post is in, time, date, etc." information within the post.

    For that theme, probably not. The themes are shared among all of the users here. If you were allowed to change them, you would doing it for everybody.

    [edit: i saw this one earlier but am having internet connection issues today - drmike]

  5. What theme are you in? Do you have the CSS upgrade?

  6. sandbox, CSS upgraded

  7. You could hardcode CSS to move stuff around. Engtech is doing that on his blog. Not sure if he's giving lessons though.

  8. In your CSS your h2 entry-title is fixed with display:inline. Delete.

  9. atthe404's trick will move your .entry-date under your title, which i don't think is what you mean.

    i was trying to do the same thing in a sandbox skin i'm working on. tried really hard. gave up, and moved it in PHP.

    basically, the only way to do it is if you have either fixed width layout, or a completely fluid, if you set .hentry width to like 600px/100%, and .entry-content to 400px/75%, then you can float the .entry-meta in the remaining 200px/25%, and it'll be closeer to the title, but still floated to one side.

  10. "You could hardcode CSS to move stuff around. Engtech is doing that on his blog. Not sure if he's giving lessons though."

    Then I strongly suggest that the wordpress has the available "Lesson" on how/what to use css. For people who are not familiar with this, once you hit "Upgrades" and subscribe, then after that what? I've clicked the link once to check but afraid I might be deleting something.

    Or, is there anywhere aside from engtech that teach us how to use css for account? I'm asking this because I might one day buy one but are we allowed to play and try it first and see if it's good? Thanks.

  11. knoizki:

    you can play with the css all you want and then click "preview" to see what you've done. just go to the edit css tab on the presentation tab, and click the link below the custom css box that says "view stylesheet." copy what opens into a text file. play. then copy and paste into the css box and click preview. that's how i learned what all the little pieces were for. it won't affect your blog unless (1) you buy the css upgrade and (2) you click "save changes." even if you do click save changes, it's fine because you can just click "view stylesheet" again and copy and paste that stuff back over what you messed up.

    basic css is pretty easy to learn. it took me all of three hours to learn what each class on the css file was for, and change it to make it what i wanted.

  12. I for one am not getting the upgrade until I have done a lot of reading and practicing offline, and that's got to be the responsibility of each blogger. Teaching CSS is something entire business models are built around; WordPress has enough to do.

  13. Don't worry guys. I have a plan :)

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