Can Followers Receive Emails about certain Categories

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    Is there a way to set it up in the dashboard so that my email followers will only receive emails about posts to certain categories?

    There is one specific category I do not want our followers to get an email about but still want to be a category that I can post too.

    Or is there another way to alert followers of new posts?


    The blog I need help with is



    No and yes.
    The follow blog widget subscriptions are only to the post feed.

    Or is there another way to alert followers of new posts?

    Not really. They can subscribe to Categories RSS feed



    Thanks for your help timethief! I found your blog a couple weeks ago through this forum since you help out so many people. It has been very informative.

    I am using this blog for a private work blog to post and discuss work topics. So all 6 followers are also Administrators. We currently do not use any RSS feed readers in our office, leaving email the only way to alert each other of new posts. We do tell each other verbally to check the blog but would like to have an alert as backup.

    Like I said in my first post, there are users who do not need to receive alerts for certain Categories. From your response and a little research it seems that it would be impossible to set up without having everyone install a RSS feed reader.

    My current solution is that I should just create a separate blog. I am not concerned about getting followers or readers, so do you think that this would be the best solution?

    Thanks again!

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