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Can Hotmail or Gmail users Contribute or Author

  1. Can Hotmail or Gmail users Contribute or Author on my blog (without opening a wordpress a/c)? Or do they have to open a wordpress a/c?

  2. No, you need to have a WordPress username to write posts on blogs. They can use their Gmail or Hotmail address to create the account, though. This is how you would add them.

  3. Good afternoon, CJWriter,
    Thank you for your reply. Are all blogs the same? I know Google's Blogger also requires a visitor to have a '' address, though they do allow 'guests' for 30 days. I suspect that many people will find the hassle of registering, forgetting passwords, etc rather off-putting.
    Is there any way around this problem?

  4. Not if you want them to write posts; you need to have some way of proving who you are otherwise you could damage or spam your host's blog. I doubt you'll find any blog provider that is any different for requiring you to register. WP actually makes it easier than others, IMO; they support OpenID which means if you have an account somewhere else (like LiveJournal), it should be recognised here too.

    If you want anyone to make comments, you can change the settings to allow that. You go to Dashboard > Options and uncheck users must be registered and logged in to comment; and then in Options > Discussion you uncheck comment author must fill out name and e-mail. Hope that helps.

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