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Can I 301 a blog to my own .com ?

  1. I want to run my website via wordpress and own my own domain name and have a hosting service. However I have failed with each try to create a wordpress site on my own. So I thought I would create a blog/site here and then do a 301 redirect to my own .com and host. Can I do that?
    If so how ? Be specific please?
    PS: I don't care about the cost this may be. I also already contacted my host and asked if they support this and they said yes.

  2. Yes - but you'll need the Domain Mapping Upgrade. See how here:

  3. does not do 301 redirects.

  4. Interesting.. SO which one of you are correct?

  5. @wpadvanced
    You are wrong. If there were 301 permanent redirects available from I would have two by now. All we can get here is 302 temporary redirects. They are not the same.

  6. I am.

  7. The code "301" is interpreted as "moved permanently".

    You can redirect your blog using the upgrade and instructions above, but I'm not sure if it's a 301

  8. Ah, didn't see your above post before posting that ^.
    Thanks for clearing it up, something I didn't know.

  9. @wpadvanced
    I challenge you to show us where you see in writing that permanent 301 redirects are available from in any support documentation entry.

    This is what I see in the entry: "We do not have an upgrade specifically for redirects, but it can be done using a domain mapping trick." From:

    That's bafflegab that means we are only able to get 302 temporary redirects which we we have to pay for every year.

    Search Results for: 301 redirect - read them and weep

  10. Thanks for the apology . Sadly, I did not see it before I posted my last comment above. This is because it takes me a long time to type, and also because I did not "refresh" the page before clicking submit

  11. OH BOY! I sure am sorry for the uproar this ? created :(

    However I do now understand about the difference of what each of you mean regarding the 301 and a 302.

    A 302 won't work for me.

    I am having issues learning to do a site through wp on my own domain with my own host. So I was thinking I could do it through and then do a 301 redirect to my own domain and hosting service. But that idea does not look like it will work out.

    Back to the drawing board to learn wordpress the hard way lol ;)

    Time - before I leave I have a ? please. What do you think of SEO through a wordpress site verses a .com self hosted site? Is one better then another? Thanks :)

  12. I am looking all around sites and I am not seeing any high PR sites.

    That makes me concerned I won't have any control over my own SEO?

  13. Simple answer: The SEO on blows away all wordpress, no matter what you do to tweak it. Seriously. You may not have any control over your SEO, but that's okay because it's very VERY unlikely you're better at SEO than the people here designing

    You might just want to have your blog here and link to it on your website.

  14. @weightbytes: timethief is one of the most experienced forum volunteers; wp-says-advanced is just a kid who thinks he knows much.

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