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Can I a .com and .org account using the same email address?

  1. I have a and a account using the same email address. I am currently using the .org account through and want to either delete my .com account or merge them. Is this possible?

    I'm having issues with using jetpack because it will only let me use my .com account and its the wrong account.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm having issues with using jetpack because it will only let me use my .com account and its the wrong account.

    Jetpack needs to be connected to a account to work.

    Is the issue just that you want to use a different email address on the account your Jetpack blog is connected to, or do you want to completely change the Jetpack connection from one account to another?

  3. I want to merge my .com and .org account so I can use jetpack using my same email.

    I no longer use my .com account and really don't need it. But I cannot create a new .com account using my same email.

    Kind of confusing.. Sorry!

  4. You might be confusing .com and .org accounts because .org and .com are completely separate and you can have one each both using the same email (since they're on different systems). But! I think you might be saying .org account but you're actually referring to the .com account connected to your Jetpack blog. :) Let's step back. Can you tell me the following for each account?

    Link where you login: Username: Email:

    Link where you login: Username: Email:

  5. You have the potential for Three different accounts - all can use the same email if you want

    WordPress.ORG - for the help forum & such (but not required)

    Your WordPress.ORG install blog on Justhost (required and probably two log-ins - one for your WordPress blog and one for the server maintenance / ftp etc - usually cPannel is here also)

    Your WordPress.COM account here - required to make JetPack work

  6. Yes, auxclass, I think you are correct.
    username: homeanswers
    email: [email redacted]
    apparently I don't have an account. I guess it is through just host. My

  7. My username on just host for my blog is and the same email address: [email redacted]

    Can I use jetpack with my existing wordpress account and will it still connect to my blog,, hosted by justhost?

  8. yes you can use the existing account for JetPack - not sure of the fine tune details but only one account here should be needed.

    The JetPack instructions should guide you through the install

  9. Exactly, you can use one account to connect many blogs, so the setup you have should work great!

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