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Can I access and redirect my domain name after I deleted my blog?

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if someone might be able to help me.

    I bought the domain name for my blog. But then I got totally into WordPress and started building themes and templates and wanted to host my my own blog. I have now set up a WordPress installation with bluehost and set my domain name as I then thought I should delete my site on so as not to get things confused.

    And that is where I think I have gone wrong. I deleted my blog which was mapped to and now I can't access my domain name through WordPress - Options - Domains as per the FAQ instructions. And the domain name manager site was only accessable through the WordPress interface.

    What can I do to access my domain name and release it to BlueHost - ie get the release code. Any help would be immensely appreciated. My site and domain name are integral to my job hunting and I need gainful employment ... urgently

    Many thanks in advance


  2. Contact staff: they are the only ones with back-end access. Email support[at]

  3. Ya can also contact the support team on when they reopen.

  4. @cronies
    For future reference. The Support team is Mark. Mark can be reached three ways:
    (1) Support button - top right hand corner of any admin side blog page during working hours;
    (3) email support [at]

  5. Kthx.

  6. You're welcome. Maybe you'd like to learn the answers to common questions found in the Beginner's Guide. It's here

  7. Why are ya askin' me that¿ *confused*

  8. I think Timethief is just trying to help you out cronies. Thanks TT for that ;)


  9. Because if you want to answer questions on the forum then I thought you would like to know that many people ask questions that are already answered in the FAQs, forum searchbox and the Beginner's Guide. :)

    If you read up on them you can be sure to have the correct answers almost all of the time and to be able to answer the questions asked very quickly.

    special smile for trent :)

  10. I've read it. :)

  11. Thumbs up! I'm a speed reader but I could not have read the information at every link provided in the Beginner's Guide in less than 10 minutes.

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