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can i add..?

  1. princessgirlbunny

    Hi again ^^~
    Can i put a tagboard in my site??
    Thank u ~~

  2. If it uses flash, scripting or iframes, no. If it's plain html, then probably.

    We'd have to see the code or a link to what you want to use to say for sure.

  3. tagboards like cbox cant be allowed on

  4. princessgirlbunny
    Member html ...
    Thanks guys ^^~ i will try anyway =)

  5. I highly doubt you'll get it to work. All the tag boards I've found have used either iframes or javascript.

    You can see if the meebo widget we have here at does what you want. That's your only option.

  6. I think you can. Do it in your dream :-D

  7. Baba: This is absolutely inappropriate. How about an apology?

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