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Can I add "&showsearch=0" to YouTube embeds to get rid of new Search bar?

  1. soon as possible, I don't like the preponderance of YouTube logos on my blog.


  2. The site linked to your name is not a WordPress.COM blog and so we won't be able to provide advice on that.

  3. Oops, my blog is is

    My point is that '&showsearch=0' turns off the new ugly YouTube search bar in usual embeds. This doesn't work in the bracket markup when I edit my posts.


  4. So, are you asking if it would work, or making a request of staff? I'm confused. Requests for shortcode tweaks are best made directly to staff via your Support button. Staff have previously disabled youtube's little slideshow of related videos, so maybe they can do something about this.

  5. Thanks for the quick response.

    This is a feature request. Now I can make it to the staff now that you have reminded me of the shortcode terminology.

  6. Good Luck. YouTube keeps adding more and more crap on when really, it's all about the videos.

  7. Let us know Alex4d! I read TechCrunch too (assuming you saw the same article). Search bar is annoying, I asked how to do it on TC comments, so far no response...but TC is using WP, so they should know.

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