Can I add a forum to my blog?

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    The basic question is in the subject line. Ideally, what I would like to do is to have several pages, each with its own forum, each forum with its own list of members who can post to that forum. For the moment, I would be happy to experiment with one forum, viewable by the public, with postings only from forum members approved by me. It should be possible – but is it?

    The blog I need help with is



    I think that this is possible in only the self-hosted blog that was on the wordpress . yes you can also make a forum easily on the self-hosted blog



    The answer to this question is found by clicking the “forum” tag in the sidebar of this thread. You can’t embed a Wiki of a forum into a free hosted blog but you can register one online and then create a custom menu on your blog including a custom link to a Wiki or a forum.



    Your account here is only a few hours old. You have left a trail of half baked and even incorrect answers in forum threads. Please (1) learn what’s in the support documentation (2) learn how to search fourm threads for the answers that experienced Volunteers and Staff have previously provided and (3) do not post any answers at all unless you can find links to infomation that backs up what you are posting. If you do that then you will not be confusing or misleading those who are asking for help.

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