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Can I add a "Home" tab for Ocean Mist theme

  1. 5southern0lady

    In the Ocean Mist theme, once a reader clicks on a tab or on the sidebar, there is no way for them to navigate back to the first(home) page where my blog resides unless they click the header at the top of the page. Ideally I'd like to have a "Home" tab that navigates to the first page. Or, some sort of link on the sidebar that would do the same thing. How can I accomplish that?

    This is another "newbie" question and I appreciate your help.

    My blog is

  2. You can use a text widget.

  3. 5southern0lady

    I'm REALLY a newbie. Ok, I see how to add a text widget and use the word "home" but how do I get it to navigate to the first page?

  4. 5southern0lady

    Ok, I finally made it work. But, the "Home" text is at the bottom of the sidebar. How can I move it to the top of the sidebar? Also, it shows two "homes", one as sort of a title and then another underneath it. Can I work around to that only one shows?

    Vivan, I really appreciate your help.

    Now my avatar photo has disappeared. I have no idea what's up with that.

  5. 5southern0lady

    Home is now at the top, I figured out how to drag and drop. But, how can I make the word "home" look like the rest of the items in the sidebar. The way it is now is sort of ugly. You can see here:

    Thanks again

  6. Hm... you can try putting a bullet, since the other links in the sidebar has bullets. =D

    Did you know that you can type whatever text you want in the "Write Post" page, click the "HTML" tag (so that it shows all the coding), then copy and paste the whole coding into the text widget? It's a good way to preview your text widget before you save your changes!

  7. 5southern0lady

    Another good tip. Thanks. This will save me time.

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