Can I add a navigation tab to the Pilcrow theme?

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    I want to add a navigation tab to the Pilcrow theme. Right now, there are the “Home” and “About” tabs. I’d like to add one called “Topics.”

    Does Pilcrow support that, or do I have to use the Pages widget on the side?

    The blog I need help with is



    You can add Pages to any theme here.
    You can also create a custom menu on any theme here >



    Pilcrow theme description >
    Pilcrow has a top horizontal menu so there is no need to use either a Pages widget or a Custom menu widget.



    I believe this the blog you are referring to


    No, timethief, I’ve just used the same theme for both blogs, Pilcrow. They are both my blogs, yes. But it’s that I’m trying to play with right now.
    Thanks for your assistance,


    Okay, timethief, I see that the Pilcrow theme can have more menu tabs, because the example pictures you sent me have “Home” “About” and “Page.”

    How to I have the “Page” menu tab show, and can I change it to “Topics”?

    thanks for your help!



    If you mean you want another page with some static content (such as your About page), you just go to Pages > Add New and create the page. The link to it will automatically show in the top menu.

    On another issue: there’s absolutely no point using the same word or phrase as both a category and a tag, plus you’ll run into technical problems when you do this. You should delete the duplicates.


    Hi justpi,
    when I previewed the new page, the menu tab didn’t show up. Will it appear when it “goes live”?

    I now understand about categories and tags. Can I institute this now, going forward, or do I need to go back through my almost 300 posts and change them?



    1) If you previewed it, then you have already created it. Is it saved as a draft or set to private? If so, it won’t show in the menu till you publish it as a public page.

    2) You don’t have to edit each post. You go to Posts > Categories and to Posts > Tags, check both lists, note what the duplicates are, and delete them (keep each one as either a category or a tag).


    It’s saved as a draft, but not private.

    Thanks, I’ll take care of the Posts>categories and Posts>tags




    You’re welcome.
    Draft or private makes no difference: in either case, no show in the menu (quite reasonably).


    Yes! It worked!

    And I cleaned up my categories/tags. I thought the more the better, for people to search and find my posts. Oh well. Wrong assumption.



    Yes, wrong assumption!
    a) Organization of your blog:
    Categories (obligatory) should be the main subgroups of your posts, while tags (optional) should be more specific words related to the content of a particular blog. None of the two very useful if you’re not using the respective widgets in your sidebar.
    b) Search engines:
    Tags were (and are) often abused, so search engines nowadays pay attention to your content rather than your tags. See Matt Cutts of Google here:
    c) WP Reader/Topics:
    Categories and tags are the same thing. A post will show in the Topic “spirituality” if you use that as a category or as a tag – no difference. And the more the combined total of categories and tags on a post, the less likely for the post to appear on some of the respective Topic pages. See Support doc as well:


    Dear timethief and justpi,
    I believe that I have straightened out categories/tags. I’ve added some menu navigation tabs. Thank you for all of your help!

    I have a new question which I will post separately, as I think I just successfully split my two blogs so that I can send the business blog posts to my facebook business page. Not sure how to check if I’ve done this correctly or not.


    Hi justpi, the youtube video on categories and tags was interesting, thank you.

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