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can i add a sort navigation tool into a gallery of pictures?

  1. ingedelissnyder

    can i add a sort navigation tool into a gallery of pictures? Just 2 buttons like next en previous, so people don't have to go back above in the browser?

  2. It doesn't look like you are using the built in Gallery feature. If you use this, there will be links to move from one image to the next after you click on them.

  3. panaghiotisadam

    And if you stick to "normally" uploaded pictures, you can paste the "next page" command after each one. See here:

  4. Nick, I think image-to-image navigation in a Gallery must be theme specific because in both The Journalist 1.3 and in Cutline there is no such thing. There's only a link pointing back to the main post, but no "previous" "next" links that allow you to move between Gallery Attachment pages.

  5. Same with "Benevolence"... :o(

  6. Yes, it is theme specific, but we can definitely get it added to the themes that do not have it.

  7. I've put it on my list to start going through the themes to see which need this added.

  8. Terrific, Nick! Hoping that it's a short list! :->

    (PS Any word on a time frame for the Gallery display bug?)

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