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Can I add a tag cloud widget to a Page's body?

  1. Can I add a tag cloud widget to a Page's body (not a Post body and not as a template sidebar)?

    I'd like to make a new Page (not Post) that contains a tag cloud widget.

    I know that I can add the tag cloud widget to my template sidebar, but I don't know if there's any HTML/WP tag (something like [tagcloud] etc) that I can use in the Page's body/content area that can render the tag cloud in the body/content area.

    Just to clarify, I'm not talking about adding a tag cloud to the template sidebar. I'm talking about adding it to a Page's body/content area.


  2. I'm sorry but you cannot place any widget on a Page or in a Post. Widgets can only be placed in sidebars. Also note that we cannot edit our templates at HTH :)

  3. Thanks, I knew about not editing templates. It'd be nice if there was a way to put some widgets (such as tag cloud) on an individual page.

  4. I'm sorry but that it isn't possible. However, engtech did come up with a way to generate a tag cloud on a blog page that you may like to check out. I'll go get the link for you and be right back. Here you go

  5. Sweet. That'll work.

  6. Cool isn't it. Happy blogging. :)

  7. Ooops. Just noticed that it uses categories and not tags...

  8. YUCK! Of course it was categories back then.
    Sheesh - I'm sorry I led you up this blind alley ... :(

  9. Well, we just have to tie engtech to the computer and start a Starbucks drip. :-D

  10. I had a few free hours last night and started working on my own tag cloud generator.

    I'm just wondering what types of options would others like to see in a tool like this (no promises, but hearing ideas would be cool). My tool's current status, screenshots, and example is at tag cloud generator. Eventually, once everything has been debugged and looks presentable, I'll upload it somewhere so others can use it.

  11. Hi there,
    Are you aware of engtech's tag cloud generator?

    (see below)

  12. Yes, timethief please read the above discussion we just had about it. engtech's tag cloud generator uses categories and not tags\keywords (since tags weren't here then).

  13. I'm so sorry james. I apologize for not reading your post carefully prior to making my last post and for losing my memory too. How embarrassing. :(

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