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Can I add a theme to to change my new plog theme please?

  1. I just have a new theme for baby's care and I want to select a theme that is related to this topic as much as possible. I already have this theme, but I don't know how to add it to the new plog.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. I think maybe you are in the wrong forum. This is, I think you should be over at

  3. I see you have a blog; you cannot upload themes, however. This is an exclusive feature, as boblets mentioned, of For an explanation regarding the difference between the two entities, please see:

  4. earthmanxosharosp

    The other option being to pay for custom CSS in the "Upgrades" section, from which you can put up the CSS code for the theme.

  5. earth - that is not completely correct. Most things require access to the underlying html files in order to work properly and we don't have that access here. There are a few Sandbox themes that have been adapted to work for us here.

  6. Custom headers also go a long way, and they're free.

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