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Can I add a Widget not on list?

  1. I have a widget that I would like to add to my blog. Can I do this and how?
    It is:<object id='HouseLogicWidget' name='HouseLogicWidget' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' width='210' height='425' data=''><param name='menu' value='false'></param><param name='allowscriptaccess' value='always'></param><param name='flashvars' value='isBox=0&api='></param><param name='movie' value=''></param><embed src='' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' allowscriptaccess='always' width='210' height='425' flashvars='isBox=0&api='></embed></object>

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You may be able to post it by using a gigya shortcode.

  3. I'm a newbie at this and am having trouble with adding my own widget to my blog page. How and where do I enter the widget code so the image shows up. Once clicked on, it's supposed to direct viewers to another site. This just seems too technical for!

  4. You put it in a text widget and put the text widget in your sidebar.

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