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    Forgive me if that sounds like a stupid question to be honest I don’t know what CSS is. I have a blog and I want to do more with it. If the answer is no then I will be getting a blog but I would really love to keep this one as my only blog.

    Hope you have an answer for me, thanks




    CSS is mainly for layout and styling, that’s what it means – Cascading Style Sheet.

    And Adsense and most other forms of advertising are not allowed on blogs.

    If it’s a big thing then I would get yourself some hosting and get adsense on there. You can always transfer your posts and comments to the hosted blog.

    There’s loads of threads in the forum about transferring to a hosted blog and adsense on .com blogs.





    Why not just grab the software from and find a host? That way you keep the wordpress software and have adsense.

    hope this helps,



    Why not just grab the software from and find a host?

    By looking at the forum, it all seems like a different language. You understand because you’re tech savy. Others like me don’t understand it. If it was that easy to host, most people would host their sites themselves.



    I have one of each, and a friend is helping with the one. He just sent me a “fantastic” new change to the coding and only I can impliment it, because I’m the administrator, but frankly I cannot figure out what the heck he’s talking about. I have NO IDEA. Don’t even know which page to start on! So I prefer Anyone with a decent amount of tech savvy, though, might prefer the freedom at


    Exactly,I ran a hosted blog before, did not have a clue what I was doing.


    Exactly,I ran a hosted blog before, did not have a clue what I was doing.



    I have to agree with you guys, I don’t know the first thing about ftp, css, etc, however, I would like to make some money off my blogs. I LOVE my site because I can work by way through it, I tried reading the jargon and I am completely lost.

    I will take a look at it this weekend and see if I can set up a blog there but I am not looking forward to it.

    From what I understand I have to find a host, figure how to create my own templete Ahhhhhhh!

    I like the idea of transfering my blog to the new site if anyone knows where I can get instructions in plain english please tell me. And I don’t mean the wordpress faqs or that section with instructions I tried and got lost when they started talking about issues with frontpage. (I got the answer to that thanks to friends on digitalpoint)

    Anyway, thanks for the responses I am learning from you guys.




    (1) Your question was can I have adsense by changing my css?
    The answer was “no”. The two are *NOT* related in any way shape or form.
    If you want adsense on your blog you cannot have it at but you can at

    (2) The pink sticky at the head of the forum titled “Please read me first before posting” has a comparison between the two. Here’s the thread

    (3) information on hosting

    (4) information on hosting

    (5) is currently testing advertising and may introduce it in the future (no one knows when). Also when and if it is introduced it could be for bloggers who pay for an upgrade in their accounts (no one knows whether or not this will be the case at this point). And in between it does not make sense to hold your breath waiting so, if adsense is what you want then head for aaand get a blog host.

    This is what both collin and drmike in essence said to you using far fewer words.



    If advertising is not allowed, then how come Scobleizers blog here on has ads from Amazon?


    Cause he is special, and brings in views to Kind of unfair, but what can ya do.



    David – please have a look around the forum (search is good!), Wank had a popular post about it in her blog and it gets raised regularly.





    Actually I was hoping that as the original question had been answered that this whole divergence would come to an end and this thread would be marked “resolved”.

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