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Can I add affliate links to a paid for registered domain blog

  1. fenchurchcrafts

    I currently have a free blog and I understand that I am not allowed affliate links. If I pay the $18 per year for domain registration of instead, can I add affliate links to it, or is it still not allowed because my blog will still be hosted by wordpress.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thistimethisspace

    No you cannot. Please read this carefully and take not that all that chnage when you buy a domain mapping upgarde is the URL. There is no blogger initiated advertising allowed on free hosted blogs.
    Please check the page on types of blogs for more information about what content is and isn’t welcome on

  3. fenchurchcrafts

    Thanks - I didn't realise that the only change was the name - I'll save my money! I wasn't expecting to ever get more than a few pennies anyway.

  4. thistimethisspace

    There is an advertising program called WordAds and the WordAds program means splitting advertising income with It's been opened to all those who do have free hosted blogs on their own domains.
    See here please for appying >
    See here for themes that are compaitble with WordAds >

  5. I see. So WordPress bans any and all advertising. Because you know, NONE of us want choices in Monetizing our blog.

    Forcing us to use WordAds or whatever. Seems like a monopoly to me.

  6. @phoenixmatthias
    If after reading the ToS, which you must attest that you have read, to register a username account and get free blogs and free hosting from then it makes no sense to enter that contract. Unfortunately, you appear to have entered a contract without reading the terms. If you wish to empty your blog and take your content anywhere else at any time you can do that.

  7. @phoenixmatthias
    Your blog is empty. I'll assume you have taken advice from timethief and moved on?

  8. If you want to monetize your blog, is not your best choice. If you didn't realize this before making your choices, you're unlikely to be successful in business as you don't have the required research skills.

  9. @raincoaster - they could not even read the links they left in another thread - the link explained that you could not put ads on WordPress.COM sites - they could not be bothered to read the whole page -

  10. But I LOVE rubbing in now dumb they are into dumb people. It's recreational for me.

  11. I pointed it out to them that they should have read the whole link they posted -

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