Can I add another author name to my blog, if the 2nd author is me?

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    I have two wordpress blogs: and

    I want to post as “wineguider” in wineguider, and post as “winebigmouth” in winebigmouth.

    I have had for a while now. I just created today.

    How do I add an author (winebigmouth) who is ME? Do I need to have another email address and send myself an invite, using the 2nd email address? That seems complex. Why can’t I just establish a 2nd author who is me?


    The blog I need help with is


    The author is the account you are logged in as. If you would like to show two different author names when writing on two different blogs, then you need to setup two separate accounts.

    To create a new account, log out and then go to

    To transfer one of the blogs to the new account, make sure to activate the new account by email, then log out and log back in to the first account and follow these instructions to transfer the blog:

    Note that you don’t have to transfer the blog and you can just create a new user and add that user to both blogs instead. That way, you could edit when logged in as either one. Some people find that confusing and want to keep them completely separate though.



    Maybe you can register another gravatar image linked to another mail address and invite this person as an author (that way it would not show up that it is the same person) ? (sorry for my poor english ;)



    oops!…sorry :p

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