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Can I add Feedburner to my blog & email subscribe widget/box to pages/posts?

  1. Hi, I have a couple of questions which Im hoping to get help for.

    Firstly, can I add Feedburner to manage my email subscriptions? Ive had a hunt around but can't seem to find a definitive answer.

    Secondly, Im trying to find out if I can add an email subscription box (widget?) or anything else to the main body of my posts/pages. I already have a widget in my sidebar but am looking to add to posts/pages either in the text or at the bottom.

    Thanks :-)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need a link to the blog in question to provide you with accurate help.

  3. Hi, sorry here it is:

    I already have an email sub box in my sidebar as you will see.

  4. Yes you can use Feedburner for subscriptions.

  5. Noticed a new option today for non-logged-in users. There is an email subscription box which shows up at the top-right corner of the blog. This isn't a widget but something from

  6. @ismailimail
    Hi there. Email subscriptions form Feedburner are "portable" and subscriptions are not. I have moved blogs from to and back again and not lost any of my Feedburner subscribers. Those who may be planning to eventually move theor blog from to ought to be made aware of that reality.

  7. Hi timethief and thanks for the info.

    What about having an email subscription box/widget in the main body of pages or blogs posts? Is this possible?

  8. My suggestion is to put it only in the sidebar instead of in each post and page. The reason I say that is that in my opinion that would come across as pushy if everything I read on your site had an email signup box screaming at me.

  9. Thanks thesacredpath. I understand what you mean but I want to test it here and there to see if its more effective than where it is at present. Is it possible to do?

  10. Yes, you have to use the plain text version of the signup which is down under "Preview Subscription Link…" on the publicize > email subscriptions page (toward the bottom). Just paste that into the HTML tab on the editor where you want it.

  11. Thanks but I cant seem to find the section where this text link is. I'm looking at the sidebar dahsboard. Help!

  12. @realmerengue, I saw an email subscription box yesterday at the top-right corner of the blog when I was not logged in to WordPress. It was not an individual blog specific widget but a global feature. This box later disappeared and I don't see it anymore.

    My conclusion is that WordPress is probably testing this as a new feature and I wouldn't be surprised if they make an announcement. It makes sense to provide email subscription box to blog visitors by default instead of relying on bloggers to provide this feature as a widget. I once asked Support to make this email subscription widget in such a way that once someone subscribes, it disappears from their view, otherwise it is wasting valuable side bar real estate for those who have already subscribed.

  13. When someone comments, there is an option below comments to subscribe to the blog/ follow up comments below each comment box. Is it not enough? Who needs 'two' subscription buttons on only one post or page? I don't.

  14. @ismailimail Thanks for the info. I will look out for it and may even test on another browser while logged out to see what it looks like.

    @wpgaurav What if someone doesn't comment? What if someone visits my about page, doesn't comment and doesn't subscribe either? Like I said earlier, I am going to test it to see if it makes a difference. I want to build a bigger subscriber list so testing different options is a good thing as far as Im concerned. Its like the email subscribe pop ups which you see a lot of these days. I find them annoying but they are pretty effective. What works for some people may not necessarily work for me or even you. :-)

    I'm still trying to find this text link. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.

  15. I understand. :) Then only Feedburner is the remaining option, as of now.
    Singup there at

  16. Feedburner provides html signup link which you can insert into posts/pages/sidebar. WordPress does not provide any such html link for email signup.

    In your Feedburner account, go to Publicize - Email Subscription - Email Management, and grab the link which is under Preview Subscription Link….

  17. @ismailimail I was looking in the wrong place! Thanks for clarifying.

  18. Here is a thread which I found after searching. Try this

  19. That's a nice work around but it only takes users to the subscription widget on the main page.

  20. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. I have another question on Feedburner. If I move over to Feedburner will my current WP subscribers still continue to receive email updates even if I dont ask them to move over to Feedburner?

  21. Of course, as long as your blog is hosted by Basically, you'll have subscribers at both places.

  22. Great, thank you! :-)

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