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Can i add Google maps?

  1. Well, first of the topic is a bit misleading, i know i can add Google maps to my blogs hosted on but my question is if what this guy has done: is that some sort of plugin he put to his wordpress powerd blog (i.e. he has a server and just uses wordpress) or is this possible to achieve with the hosting also?

    Since its in swedish i might have to explain what the link is showing: Its a interactive google maps map where you can select what things to see on the map. Shown here is when in sweden you can find different types of softdrinks.

    // Krillelille

  2. There is no FTP access to free hosted blogs and we cannot upload individual plugins into our blogs here. It's the interactive part that is problematic. No you cannot use JavaScript because the software will strip it out.

  3. I took a look at the source code for that, and it is a seriously nasty pile of code. which is why it loads so incredibly slowly. It also uses a bunch of code that is not allowed here. Quite truthfully, if that is the only way to embed an interactive Google map, I'll never be embedding one into any of my sites, or into any of my client's sites.

    If Google is responsible for coming up with that code, they should be arrested.

  4. ~~TSP
    So what do you really think? ... lol :D I tried to be tactful and you cracked me right up.

  5. Ah as i thought then "bummer"

    Thanks for the answers :)

  6. I'm sorry I had to be the bearer of bad tidings. Best wishes with your blog. :)

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