Can I Add Header Text Before the List of Posts?

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    Ideally, I want a frontpage that displays a brief excerpt of static content, followed by a list of most recent posts. So it would be just like a typical frontpage except prefaced by a paragraph of introductory text (and preferably an image as well). I tried unsuccessfully to search this for this topic in the archives, though it seems like someone must have wanted to do this before me. I think my keyword-fu is failing me.

    The blog I need help with is


    What you will want to do then is to make your front page a static page. In that you can put your introduction and an image, and you can then use the archive short code to create a list of posts.

    You might try this archive shortcode with attributes
    [archives type="postbypost" limit="25"]


    By the way, you can change the limit number value to anything you want. I just used 25 as an example.



    This is a multiuser blogging platform. All blogs wearing the same theme are in essence using the same template and we bloggers cannot access or edit the templates. Only Staff can do the editing as it affects all blogs wearing the same theme.
    See >

    What you want to do can be done on a self-hosted wordpress.ORG install.
    See >

    On wordpress.COM blogs we can split content by use of “the more tag” wherever we wish in the text so only the beginning of our posts appear on the front page of our blogs. See here >

    We cannot create a template that will produce static content followed by a list of most recent posts, unless we create that manually and update it manually. Here the most Recent Posts widget and all widgets can only be used in sidebars. They cannot be placed on pages or in posts.



    Great idea! Now why didn’t I think of that?


    Evening TT, it just occurred to me when I read what the OP wanted.

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