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Can I add HTML to header so readers can navigate to main site; twitter; etc

  1. I want to add a navigation bar below my current header that will allow people to navigate back to my main website's Mirroring it's navigation. I'd also like the twitter button/facebook button to be live. is it possible to embed html into a wordpress header (I need to give direction to my graphic designer). thx

    here is the link to my blog - with inactive icons in the header:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can add Twitter or FB buttons to your posts under Dashboard->Settings->Sharing or put them in your sidebar so people can follow you on Twitter and FB using the Twitter widget and FB badge code pasted in a Text Widget.

  3. Thanks @raincoast - I was able to add the share buttons to my posts. I am still looking to have live HTML links in my actual header (less so for social media icons) more so for enabling people to navigate to other parts of a website where this blog is soon to be embedded ( - will have a new navigation tab for the blog that will link to this one - i just want people to be able to click back to the main web page using the same navigation menu as is found on the main site. let me know if you have an answer to that one.

  4. Embedding HTML is not going to be possible, but you can use a Custom Menu to link to wherever you want, including FB and Twitter.

  5. inspiringsavings

    I feel like is so limiting because of "security reasons". More and more I am feel like I picked the wrong blog host. At any point in time will you be allowing this service for your users. I was attempting to provide a better navigational tool to my readers and through an active html coded banner, but I guess I can't. BIG SIGH...

  6. This is a multi-user platform which means we all share the same underlying wordpress core and theme files. Any insecure code or plugin introduced by one blogger could possibly bring down 30 MILLION blogs here. If that happened, I expect that you would be one of the first here in the forums demanding the head of Matt Mullenweg on a stick.

    Unless the entire structure of wordpress.COM is changed (highly unlikely) there is virtually zero chance that plugins or restricted code will be allowed here.

    The only way to do this would be to give each individual person their own separate installation of wordpress, which brings up all sorts of problems, the very least of which would be the time and amount of work it would take to upgrade or send out bug fixes to 30 MILLION sites.

  7. It's always a tradeoff. Blogger allows you to embed all kinds of things, but you're not really risking bringing the whole site down. Here, you share security risks with everyone using the same theme, so you're always exposed to the riskiest thing that the dumbest person using the same theme thought was okay. That's why the security is so locked down.

  8. inspiringsavings

    Thanks Raincoaster for not be so sharp worded and understanding. I can now understand better. I just get frustrated with some of the items I CAN'T use. So far have been working around them.

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