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can i add html to my wordpress blog??

  1. hi,
    i am new to wordpress and i have a problem.
    i am an affiliate of some online programs and i want to add advertisements so that i promote those programs??

    is this possible??
    if is how??
    please help me!!

  2. The theme cannot be edited

    No ads are allowed on blogs and we allow one affiliate link to be used once on the blog. (That's the whole blog, not per post).

  3. How to put affiliate link to blog?

  4. It's just like any other link. Usually you'd put it in your sidebar on your about page, somewhere it's discrete but appropriate.

  5. Sorry, that should be "or on your about page". Whoops... :)

  6. I have a code from a website that i need to use in order to post their advertisements. Can I do this and if i can, how?

  7. jwarschauer: please see mark's reply a few posts above.

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