Can I add more than 10 authors?

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    Does anyone know if it is possible to add 27 authors to one blog?
    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    On that thread I noticed a dead link to a private users upgrade. Maybe one of the usual helpers can elaborate on whether that is still available.



    Yes it is possible to add 27 users but you can only send out 10 invitations at a time.

    Thanks for trying to help. The restriction you point to in that thread has been removed and the unlimited private users upgrade was retired.


    Did I overstep? I don’t yet have a feel for how it all works. Are we to help one another if we have some information or are these forums for us to get help from the experienced helpers. Perhaps I need to lurk longer and soak up more. I do read and follow the forums pretty voraciously and appreciate all the knowledge that you and panos and Tess share with us.



    No you did not overstep. Things change and at the time I posted here there was a 35 users limitation on private blogs. For more than 35 users of a private blog at that time there was an “unlimited users” upgrade we could purchase, but since then the number of users limitation and the upgrade were withdrawn.


    Hi there, for a public blog, i,m thnking to have different contributors to write and post in their respective expertise. ( one on food, one on styling , one on travellng etc. and how can I make each of them have their own profile picture there so that people will know who they are? I see lots of commercial websites have such similar contributors and have their own individual profile picture.

    I tried to ask for support service over word reds but they only diirect me to “invite contributors”. I tried, but it just create another post. No profile picture that can identify whose post was that.

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