Can I add multiple images to post from Media Library?

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    I uploaded many images so I can build posts when I have time. The Media Library now has many pages of images that are not all in the order I need to use them. Thus, to add several images to a post and then make a slideshow or gallery, I need to page through all the images to find the next image I want to use. It is difficult because the thumbnails are so small, so I usually have to click the [Show] link. Once I have found an image, I insert it and then start the process all over again. This can take several minutes per image.

    I am wondering if there is an easier way. I wish the thumbnails were larger in the Media Library. I also wish I could click selection boxes next each image and insert all the images at the same time and then be able to reorder them. Perhaps when I click the Insert button for a multiple image insert, a window would pop up so I could somehow reorder or number the images.

    The blog I need help with is



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    @ rgrahame

    I don’t see any images on the site linked to your username.
    Can you provide a link starting with http:// with some of the pictures you are talking about?

    How are your images named? How are they organized on your computer (disk, thumbdrive) which you uploaded them from?

    If you have a photoviewing program (like iPhoto) are the pictures in groups according to how you want to post them?

    If so, you can save a little time by using the “search media” button on the “Add Media” pop-up window to find an image by its title.

    But IMO, it would be faster to just upload the images you need as you post. I’d delete all the unattached images. Then upload them again as needed.



    do a gallery….i did one last week , looked nice.
    a bit clunky to get the images into the gallery and edit them but the end result was good


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    The problem is that he/she has uploaded them to the image library, unattached and is having difficulty locating specific images to attach/insert into posts. Thus the suggestion to delete unattached files and upload as needed for specific posts. Then galleries would be easy to insert.



    Originally, I uploaded the images to the media gallery so I could work on my posts anywhere at anytime. Thinking back, I guess it may have occurred to me that this might turn out to be a bit cumbersome. Thus, the best solution, as suggested, would be to delete the unattached ones and simply upload as I need them and keep them stored and sorted on portable media. I’ll check some of the links suggested here to see if any other possibilities exist. It would be nice to have a better interface some day.


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    Yes, I see what you are saying, that you want all your images/photo files all in one place, accessible online, but WordPress is not an image storing platform.

    That was why I suggested a way to search for your already uploaded images in the media library by the way your files are named.

    Though if you have a blog, you have access to lots of space to store images which you can share on posts in your blog. Images attached to a particular published post make them searchable online.

    Not quite the same as your own organization on your own computer. You have to take care of that for yourself.


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    My point is that you can use WordPress to upload your images to your media library, compressed and ready to place in posts, but you must be careful how you name those files so you can find them.

    Don’t depend on the numbers generated by your camera.



    Hello, im new to wordpress & would like to know if Its possible to insert multiple photos into the post & not inserting the gallery? I tend to label each photo. Like above a picture, i will label who i took it with. But I cant do that with gallery. Thanks!



    Yes, just insert them one at a time.


    @rgrahame – there is a way to look through all your images in the media library without going through lots of different pages, though you’d still have to click ‘show’ for the ones you want, and that is to go to ‘Screen Options’ at the top of the media library window, set it to show all your images (ie, put the number of them that you have) then use Control plus + to zoom in on the small thumbnails. (Cntrl plus – to zoom out, and Cntrl plus 0 to get it back to its default size).

    It is better, though to just drag images straight into a post from a folder on your computer, but always make them the correct size for display before getting them into the media library and your post or they will display badly.

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