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Can I add music (wav, mp3, wma, midi) to the post

  1. I would like to add Music file into my post. So when people come to read will have the music play in background.
    How could I do that?

  2. Well, if you want the music to play in the background on your blog, you would be adding that to the header of the page. The answer to that is no as we are currently unable to modify the themes here. You should be able to do something like that with a paid host though.

    Now, you can provide links to music files found off site within your posts. That would be fine.


  3. will it still be that nice when people read your posts and the background music is heard again and again? who knows they don't like the background music one has on his/her blog. Anyway, I tried to add my castpost few days ago but to no avail the html codes wouldn't appear uhuhu ... i am waiting matt to add odeo

  4. thirdworldcounty

    Yep. Talking with other WordPress bloggers who host their own WordPress blog, I've gotten lots of tips for embedding media files... that only work when you can have a plugin saved in a plugin folder on your site.

    Not happening on, at least not right now, and not with free accounts.

    But why we can't just insert the code to call up a media player from somehre else, as is easily done in Blogger or even on some even more basic, barebones blogging sites, is beyond me.

    Why, for example, does the WordPress interface delete such simple code as

    <embed src="" autostart="false" /></embed>

    ...which would simply call up whatever media plugin the viewer has installed/configured fortheir browser, I just don't understand.

  5. will it still be that nice when people read your posts and the background music is heard again and again?

    I'd have to go find the link but this is suppose to be one of the most hated things about viewing other websites.

    Sort of:

    My computer = My music, not your music.

    I know when I go to a website and they're loading a piece of music, 99% of the time, you're knocking off what I had playing already in winamp.

    I'd just provide a link and allow a viewer to choose if they want to hear it or not. Sort of a "If you want to listen to a piece of music, please click here."

  6. Thnak you all

  7. Why, for example, does the WordPress interface delete such simple code as

    <embed src="" autostart="false" /></embed>

    ...which would simply call up whatever media plugin the viewer has installed/configured fortheir browser, I just don't understand.

  8. When a page I visit plays music, my auto response is to look for the mute/stop/pause button on that page. Usually if I can't locate one, I close the page. Background music irritates me like that. I prefer to have my iTunes playing.

    Only time I continue reading a page even though it has bg music playing is when that particular page has some information I need that I can't get anywhere else.

  9. well with the code that I have, you can change, play, pause, stop... whatever you want to do with the song that is playing!
    I know it works on sites like Hi5, and facebook, but I just want to know why wordpress keeps deleting the code that I write for it :(
    thx for any help!

  10. Brice, please do a search for 'embed' using the search function or by reading the big red FAQ at the head of the forums. This has been discussed MANY times.

    Good luck,

  11. the out-of-the-box rich text editor with WordPress automatically sanitizes the HTML code with a "we'll hold your hand so you don't foul up!" philosophy.

    so if you want to embed sounds or music right in the post, you must disable the rich text editor (for inline javascripts too). click the 'Users' link, scroll to the bottom of the page, uncheck the 'Use the visual rich editor when writing' checkbox, then click the 'Update' button. you will then be able to edit the post "old-fashioned code style" and it will accept anything you put in there - mistakes and all.

    you could then use a standard <embed> tag. it works exactly as expected but it expects you to know some code - and it expects you to get the URL's right (which you can do perfectly by copying them from the links in the 'Browse' area under the content editing box).

    if you like or need the rich text editor, you will need to turn it back on to create new posts or edit existing posts. and then turn it off again whenever you have to edit a post that contains any "breaks-when-sanitized" code.

    it's clumsy but it works dependably.

    web geeks like me like the total control of modifying the actual code, but if you don't like that idea, you will need to choose and install a plugin that will handle it for you - there is just no alternative currently offered. i have no plugins to recommend as i am currently comparing them at the time of this posting.

  12. Aequalsb - I'm sorry but your recommendation will not work with blogs.

    The embed code is stripped when the post/page is saved.


  13. We're also not allowed to install our own plugins as that's a security concern.

  14. I think everyone's point is that it is a bit ridiculous that we are allowed to embed Google & YouTube videos but are not allowed to embed an audio player (such as Streampad) with WordPress.Com. You can with hosted sites but not here. This makes an otherwise great solution inferior to solutions such as blogger that have this functionality and have for years...

  15. G'evening californiadan
    You know comparing a multi-user blogging platform to Blogger does not seem fair minded to me. And comparing techonolgy and services to vastly different technology and services is what Andy devotes a lengthy post to at the head of the forum in the pink sticky titled "please read first before posting to forum"

    Currently allows the linking to files from Google Video, Youtube, Grouper and Odeo. This is because they are trusted sites with techology that is not likely to compromise security. If you have a "trusted" site (like Streampad) to suggest and indeed the technology that site utilizes will not be likely to compromise security on wp MU I'm sure staff will consider it. Perhaps the way to go about that is to post your request in the "ideas" forum along with your rationale for the request.
    Happy blogging! :)

  16. Odeo is wicked slick, and very, very easy to post. I must say that anything that prevents music from playing automatically when I open a blog is something I support. The LAST THING I need is to hear "It's a Small World After All" overtop of the Nine Inch Nails I'm probably playing already.

  17. I hate, loathe, detest and despise ... I make it clear that I can't tolerate someone making my music choices for me ... I click out immediately when I hit an auto-entry noise blog ...YUCKO! ... pptui!

  18. Dan, just for reference I deleted your other insulting posts here in the forums. (And, just for teh record, teh answering comments as well) They were uncalled for. Please don't do it again.

    Also for reference, doesn't host sites. That's where you can download the wordpress software. You still need to find a host for the software.

    The issue of what is allowed and what is not has been discussed many times over in the past. Security is key here at

    As to Blogger, their security issues have been discussed many times over already in these very forums.

    Opinions are fine but insults and poor behavior is not acceptable here and will be not allowed. You are free to grab a copy of the wordpress software and host your blog elsewhere.

    Oh, and thank you for insulting the hundreds of hours I have put into these forums trying to help people.

  19. Hey guys, why are we discussing whether it will be nice for visitors or not...the point is that we (the free account holders) must have a choice atleast.

    We'll take care of our visitors reaction on that...

  20. I've once again deleted californiadan's post. A friendly reminder that poor behavior and bigoted remarks are not acceptable here. This is a support forum.

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