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Can I add PayPal to my blog?

  1. I just became a candidate for the U.S. Senate from Arkansas. Can I add PayPal to my blog for donations to my Campaign Committee? Please reply with your answer to ******

    Thank you.

  2. Nobody will email you except spammers. Forum questions are answered in the forum.

    Yes, you can add a Paypal donation button. If you do a search for "Paypal Instructions" you'll find numerous threads explaining how.

  3. Can I use paypal to sell shirts about my blog?

  4. donhamrik, please don't publish email addresses on this forum. I masked it, since we cannot know whether you are the owner. The best way to provide a contact is to add your blog address.

    ronab, hijacking other people's threads and repeating the same question many times doesn't help.

  5. What especially doesn't help, isadora, is when you don't give ronab an answer to his question. LOL :) just kidding. :)

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