Can I add posts to a specific page

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    On my blog, there is the default home page, and an about page. I just added another page. When I write new posts, how do I select which page they are posted on? Up until now whenever I would write a new post it would go on the home page. Now I want it to go on the new page I just created today.

    The blog I need help with is




    All posts go to the home page. What you can do – and I do – is to create categories for certain posts and wisely assign them. It looks like you haven’t used any categories yet. If you create one titled “The second chapter” and include that in your right sidebar then all your guests can see those posts by clicking that link. You can also set your second chapter page to be the default page and include a link there to direct visitors to only that category of posts.
    Hope that helps.

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