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Can I Add StatCounter to My Blog?

  1. I was wondering if it is possible to add StatCounter to my Blog. I enjoy using the one that is already there, but I wish I could see where my visitors are from?
    My Blog is

    I would be interested in any tips or comments?

  2. Yes you can

    And by the way the url for your blog is
    It does not contain "www"

  3. Thank you timethief. I tried adding the code; but I comes up with text? I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong? I copied the StatCounter code, then pasted it into the text widget. Thank you.


  4. Also, when I tried to add the StatCounter to my sidebar, all my widgets went down to the bottom of my page... I'm using the 'ocean mist' theme. I'm not sure what has happened?


  5. I dont know if this has changed but if the code for your stat counter has any Java script in it then you will have problems. The boffins here at WordPress dont allow Java. If you can try getting a html coding for your stat counter.
    Hope this has been of some use :)

  6. Thank you Noscere. Yes, my code did have Java in it. I'll try looking for another stat counter. Could you recommend any particular one?

    Thank you,

  7. YOu need to follow the links in the FAQ that TT gave you. Copy the HTML form of their stat counters into the text widget. Both TT and I have Sitemeter widgets on our blogs, and they work fine. You just need to make sure you're copying the one without javascript; all of the counters in the FAQ have non-javascript widget code.

  8. heh heh

    Boffins. Can't see staff as them. ;)

  9. Thank you raincoaster, your infomation was very helpful...

  10. Wow! I have added Site Meter to my blog! It's fantastic! I can't wait to have a visitor :)
    Thank you all for your infomation...


  11. Yay! The ink I gave you to the FAQs was the one you needed

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