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Can I add this code if I upgrade and buy the CSS?

  1. I'm trying to add the code to MySpace layouts but the < style type=text/css > code at the top and the </ style> code at the bottom gets stripped. If I get the upgrade and keep the same template and do nothing with the upgrade except add those stripped codes to each post when posting the codes to MySpace layouts, would that be allowed in the upgrade?

  2. The CSS upgrade will not make any difference to what you are able to post within the blog. It's purely for changing the way the blog looks.

    What I would do is save the HTML for the layout as a .txt, upload that to the blog (I think .txt is allowed!) and provide a screen shot of what it looks like.


  3. What I would do is save the HTML for the layout as a .txt

    How do I do that?

  4. Oh wait, I just did it!! But doing this through WordPress, will this take up the 0% of 50MB on my blog?

  5. It will take up some of your space. But .txt files are usually quite small.

  6. Thank you both!

  7. You're very welcome.

    Good luck with your blog.

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