Can I add users to a private site?

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    My blog is set in private so only users can acces users that i will add but the usser that i add has to be only the ones that have already a blog in wordpress or can i add random users or how can i set my blog in private and give the persons a pasword that they can sing in with a diferent pasword each person i asing and are doesnt have a blog or user in wordpress
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    You can’t create user accounts for them. Your friends will need to create accounts in order to view your blog. Please have them sign up at and let you know their username. During the signup they will have the option to create a blog (default screen) or signup for a username only by selecting the link to the right of the blog address field.

    Then you can give them access to your blog by adding them to your privacy settings at .

    We have some great support resources for this. For more information, please see:

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