Can I attach entries to pages within my blog?

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    Is there a way that I can automatically send some of my entries to certain pages that I have delegated on my site but also keep them in chronological order on the front of the site? Looking for an easy way to do this,

    The blog I need help with is



    You cannot post to Pages. Pages are static and sit outside the blog structure. With WordPress, you use Categories to organize posts into subjects and then you can add those categories to your navigation using a custom menu.

    Staff have provided help for those who want to structure their blog like a website. >

    What’s critical is:
    (1) a clear comprehension of the differences between pages and posts >
    (2) a clear comprehension of the fact that there is only one dynamic page in a blog for posts and we cannot post to more than that one page. But we can create the appearance that we have posted to more than one page.

    We organize our posts by assigning Categories to them. When we publish a post it automatically appears on the running page for posts and also on the Categories pages and Archives pages. Note: There must be one published post in each Category in order for there to be anything to display.

    A custom menu allows you to display Categories with drop-downs to sub-categories in tabs along the horizontal navigation where normally only Pages tabs are displayed. If you wish you can also include Pages with drop-downs to sub-pages and/or custom links in your custom menu as well. You are in charge of what appears in a custom menu. You choose the order in which to display any and/or all the foregoing in your custom menu. You choose which to display and which to hide.


    You can’t automatically post to pages, no. But if you can face the hard work, you can copy and paste the HTML from the post editor of any post you want, into the HTML editor of a page and put a title and date manually in the top of the text part. I did that for my ‘Pitzy’ page here, as an example. However, if you do this, I’d suggest that – unlike lazy me – you learn how to do page jumps so that people don’t have to scroll forever!

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