Can I automatically copy posts on my blog to appear also on another blog

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    I want to be able to link my blog to another, so that my posts appear automatically on both. Is this possible?

    The blog I need help with is


    I suggest you read what Google thinks of duplicating content across domains > The Panda algorithm works like a hot damn when it comes to detecting duplicate content, and tossing into into the back pages of search results where the sun don’t shine, along with the links to the original site it was posted on.



    It is not possible to enable autoposting to a blog. is a platform for original blogging, not aggregation.



    If the other blog has a RSS feed Widget you can put it in the sidebar and you will see something like your “Recent Posts” – so you can have the headlines on a second site



    I have a post, which I would like to keep private. It would be used primarily to create new posts, edit them them in various ways, create smaller posts out of the content. But, I would also like to have a public blog (with custom domain,, for example. Of course, the latter would have a different email address and it would be hosted on WordPress. Can I copy a post from the first blog and paste it on the second?


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    You can copy from the text editor of your private blog, then paste into the text editor of the public blog.

    But if you are doing that, wouldn’t it be easier to do your editing on posts and pages of your public blog in drafts, or as set to private, then when you’re read publish, or change the setting to public.

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