Can I backdate a post?

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    I have a small blog started with info on a static page. I want to covert the blog to posts instead of static but I want to have the current static “posts” appear on the posts page (copy-paste) in relative to date sequence so I need to backdate them. How do I do that or if not possible – is there workaround?

    Also, on the new posts page – I need to have an “About” paragraph that stays at the top of the page but I don’t know how to do that either.

    Thanks for the help.

    The blog I need help with is


    Is this the blog you are talking about, ? Please give us a link to your blog when asking questions here in the forums because most times we need to see the blog in order to help.

    Give it a try, I’m thinking it is possible although I can’t ever remember trying it.



    Oops. Check this


    Same answer except I forgot to address the about page.

    In the dashboard left navigation column, click “page” then click “add new” and then go ahead and create your about page and publish it. Since the theme you are using does not have top navigation, you will need to put the “pages” widget into your sidebar.



    No way to get the about “text” to show on top of post page and stay on top?

    How about backdating?


    Pages and posts are different.

    You could put the about stuff into a post and then set it as a “sticky” post and that way it would stay at the top of the blog page. Sticky posts are covered in this support document: .



    Sounds perfect! Thanks.



    I’m still stumped on backdating a post?


    I just backdated a post to May 5, 2002 on my test blog without an issue.

    Backdate away, but do remember that the post page will sort in reverse chronological order (newest at top).

    You change the publish date in the “publish section” by clicking the “edit” link to the right of “Publish…”



    I see it now!!!!!!!!! Thanks.


    You’re welcome.



    hello. Alainderbez here

    I wanted to know if it is possible to hide the date on the posts i’ve made.



    There’s an imperfect way: Settings > General > Date Format > choose the Custom option > write a punctuation mark or whatever would be visually acceptable to you in place of the date > click Save Changes.

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