Can i backup my blog?!

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    Imagine that World War 3 is about to happen ;)
    All servers are in the eminence of being destroyed … just kidding.

    Can i backup all my posts like we make in the Moodle platform (for instance)?


    The blog I need help with is



    You can backup all posts and comments in Hosted Blogs.

    Login into WP-Admin



    You will then get an XML file which you can then import into another WordPress blog.


    Thanks … i will try that.


    What about the pictures … are they exported too?


    No images are not exported. You would have to do those manually one at a time.

    Really, with the high level of redundancy here at wordpress.COM, there is virtually no chance on you losing posts, images or anything. Your blog exists on many different synchronized servers and those are constantly being backed up.

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