Can I blend two separate blog sites together and access one as a page?

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    Hey guys,

    I have looked around for help, and am not having any luck.

    This is what I am doing.. I am using WordPress as the shell for my photography portfolio which is on flickr (did you know that they give you a free tetra bite of space!?)

    I like posting from flickr, because its easy. You link flickr to your wordpress, and everything you send to your website goes to your ‘post’ page. Which is fine.. I guess..

    My problem is that I like posting on my blog as well, and now every time I create a new post, it breaks up the flow of my image gallery with a blog post.

    I had the idea of starting a new blog, so that I could differentiate posts by which site I sent em to, and yet, one was my blog and listed as a page called blog, and when you clicked blog, it would bring you to my separate blog site. Make sense?

    lord have mercy..

    The blog I need help with is



    Why don’t you just use a Custom Menu combined with a static front page to link to different categories, eg Photos, Thoughts, whatever



    Thank you for replying! What they are talking about is exactly what I am trying to accomplish. Their solution seems to be based on a select few themes, which may work for me, but also kinda bums me out.

    I like my photo theme.

    I kind of want to change my theme for my blog though.

    The remedy may be found in a plugin, but how does one even find that sort of thing?

    I am amazed that you were able to decipher my goal! I will dig deeper through the link you have provided!

    Many thanks!



    It should work on any theme with a tabbed header. Don’t research plugins, since they cannot be used on a blog like yours.



    Oh? Oh wow! Thank you raincoaster!

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