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Can I block commenter who spams every day using different ip's

  1. Hi, Starting this week I have been receiving 5 - 6 spam comments daily from the same person. They use a different ip each time, so I don't know how to block them. Akismet does catch them, but if there a way to block them from even leaving comments that I then have to delete?

    Thanks. :)

  2. Block the words they say.
    Block their name.
    Or block their email.

    Dashboard > Settings > Discussion > Scroll to Comment Black List

    Enter one thing per line.


  3. Thanks, Chewy! :)

  4. hey chewy, if you are still here. i did all that for 2 particularly annoying spammers. i blacklisted their names, email address, IPs, and urls. still, they show up as spam. is there a reason why they are not being blocked entirely? thanks for any info! :D

  5. Yes, I added name and email address. It didn't seem to do anything. I am getting more and more spam every day. This morning I had 21 spam comments from this same person. How can I block them?

  6. Thanks! :)

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