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Can I block copying?

  1. I want to publish a lot of my own photos, is there any way to make my photos protected from being copied by people visiting my blog?
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  2. You can watermark them or put a copyright on the image but there's no way of stopping people from taking your photo's, not even disabling right clic would work.

  3. There is no guarantee that any image you place on the internet will not be stolen. Any image you post on the internet can and will be stolen. That's the reality we face. There is not way to prevent those who are determined to steal your images. Disabling right click isn't offered by because it creates a false sense of security. Anyone can defeat that is seconds flat. It's absolutely useless and would only give the illusion that your content is protected. Watermarking images and posting a copyright notice is all you can do.
    Prevent content theft
    Protecting your images online from theft >

  4. Thanks for your answers! I'm making a new blog now, but I'm keeping it private til I'm done. I've sold some photographies before to friends, but now I would like to show my photos to more people- therefor the blog. Do you have any ideas how I can go from here?? I know how easily it is to copy pictures, like you wrote. But how do I show, like, a portfolio, without risking it to be stolen!? There must be solutions..?
    Feeling frustrated! :(

  5. There are no solutions other than what I posted above. (1) Watermark the images and (2) post a copyright notice.

  6. A friend is a Pro Photographer - all the pictures he puts on his site are low rez. the joke is that someone can maybe make a 4 x 6 inch refrigerator door print - anything larger you need to contact him - sadly most photographers want their work to show as high quality and that makes it easier for people to copy the picture - use the above help and keep the resolution and pixel count low -

  7. that was actually what I was thinking, to just publish small photos.. but still, i also want to show good quality. thanks for your answer, i will try this, better than nothing. and I'm not a pro photographer so I wont have that many viewers anyway he he:)

  8. and I'm not a pro photographer so I wont have that many viewers anyway he he:)

    You might be surprised after a while especially if you have good captions on the pictures

  9. You're welcome from me.

  10. if I succeed with some sort of portfolio soon you can be first judge

  11. timethief, I will use your tips! thanks a lot for them!

  12. Best wishes with your blog.

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