Can I block emails to followers while I copy posts over from old blog?

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    I am moving my blog from blogger to WordPress and want to copy over the old posts.

    I notice that my followers on WordPress will receive email updates each time I post – so they will be spammed while i copied stuff over.

    Is it possible to block or stop emails being sent to followers while I copy posts over and make updates to the blog?? I can’t seem to find the right setting but maybe I’m looking in the wrong place?

    Will they receive updates every time I amend / update a post ??

    The blog I need help with is



    They should not receive updates when you edit a post, but sometimes tehre’s a glitch and they do. Easiest way to tell is to log out, subscribe to email updates from your own blog, and then update a post.

    They should NOT get emails when you import posts, because those posts will have past dates on them.



    I subscribe to the sites that I Admin – and so far I only get one email per Post and no extra email’s when I edit and update a Post



    Thanks for your help. Much appreciated. Problem solved and question answered – even the question I hadn’t known I need to ask!

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