Can i block foul language?

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    I’m hosted on wordpress and if i have people posting comments with bad words will i get in trouble, cause i’d like to leave it as is, but i don’t wanna break the agreement with wordpress if it mentioned having foul language or not.



    From your dashboard go to options>discussion and scroll down to the area for holding comments for moderation and enter the words you’d like to ban. You can also designate as spam any comments with those words. Your choice.



    There is no censorship in the blogosphere. WordPress does not censor swear words in any language. It’s up to each blogger what they choose to have on their blog or not.

    I’m hosted on wordpress
    There are free hosted blogs. There are also self hosted wordpress. org blogs. The two run on different software and we can only answer questions about free hosted blogs here. Please post the url to your blog so we know which kind you are talking about.



    Well either way i have to approve, so when i see bad words i edit it with ***, but i really don’t care i’d like to leave it with bad words, but i just don’t wanna get in trouble with wordpress and have my blog deleted, so i wanna know does wordpress allow it or not? I don’t wanna have those with bad words to be spammed.



    If you leave the bad words you will not get in trouble. WordPress allows all the bad words.


    Member does not censor if you want swear words on your blog then that’s up to you. WordPress does not delete blogs due to swearing. You have to break the Terms of Service contract or the no advertising policy to get a blog suspended or deleted.



    Is this your blog?
    If so you can link it to your username if you like. ->Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile (Find “website” in the right hand column and insert the whole url for your blog and then click “Update Profile”).



    We don’t require users to censor mature or offensive language. If you want to block or moderate comments containing certain words you can do that automatically:

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